Trip to Italy | Summer 2016

This summer, I went on a vacation to Italy with my family! It was amazing, the weather was good, the food was delicious and Italy was so beautiful.


I stayed two weeks in Italy, at the Lake Garda. Lake Garda is a beautiful huge lake in the north of Italy. Around the lake there are all these cute little villages, where you can walk, shop and eat ice cream. And ofcourse enjoy the beautiful view of the lake.

20160818_165613 20160818_130919.jpg

I’ve seen a lot, and I’ve visited a few cities. I went to Venice and Milan. I’ve visited a monastery as you can see in the picture above, a medieval village, I’ve seen a waterfall and a lot of lakes around the Lake Garda. And the most exciting thing for me was canyoning. Canyoning is walking in a wetsuit through a river with obstacles as waterfalls. You have to get down the waterfall by jumping, with a rope or sliding. It was very scary for me at first, but I really enjoyed it and it was an amazing experience! (I’ve filmed some of the adventure with our gopro, but I’m still working on it so I’ll insert it when I’m finished!)


Venice was very beautiful as always. It was my second time there. This time we didn’t walk alot through the city, but we went to all the little islands by boat. We’ve seen so many things that you normally won’t see if you just stay on the mainland. We went to the Lido (the beach), and the little island with a big church on it that is the main image of Venice (according to the travel guide). I believe it is an important image, because you can see it when you stand on the San Marco square. I liked that island, because I had a beautiful view of the San Marco, but without all the tourists around me. Later that day we went to the mainland and walked around a bit. It was a fun day.


The picture above is the San Marco square from the island.

Last but not least I’ve visited Milan. My first impression of the city was, oh it’s only the big cathedral? (By the way I went inside the cathedral with my dad. It was huge.) Ofcourse there is also the big “shopping center” with all the expensive stores. I like to see all these expensive stores and all the rich people who buy things there. Even though I can’t afford a Chanel bag, I think it’s fun to see all those rich people show off haha.

At first I did not really like Milan, also because we were kinda lost and ended up in the more ugly part of Milan. When we were back on track and came in the center again, I really liked it. They had beside the expensive stores also other stores (read Sephora) and I finally saw the beautiful buildings. So in the end it was a really nice day.


Just one last picture of the beautiful lake Garda (Lago di Garda in Italian). And a pizza picture, because Italy and pizza duhh.

20160817_134602.jpgThankyou so much for reading!


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